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Every year in October

This mini sessions are dome every November of every year, the spaces are limited since theres. high demand for this but not enough time to do too many. This sessions are usually booked in OCTOBER of each year and schedule to be photographed back to back during the month of November so they cn be turned around before Christmas. Once the booked sessions are done, the sets are removed and no longer available until the next year. 

Theres a different set up every year since many of the sessions are yer to year returning clients and I like to offer something different each year. Although family sessions, couples, and other non maternity and woman glamor sessions are not offer throughout the year, any type of session is welcome during Christmas minis. some restrictions apply and are mentioned before booking.

Ive been doing this sessions for the past 10 years and many families consider them as their Christmas tradition now.

Stay tuned towards the end of September every yer if you want to experience this sessions. 

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